A special thank you to all of you for making this a very special year for me.

It’s funny how life imitates art. Some of you have heard me say that I think I’ve entered my own “richest season.” I really get teary-eyed when I say that. When I talk at events and relive the journey of trying to get published, shelving the book 3 times, and now…well, living my dream, it’s absolutely amazing to me! And I have so many of you to thank for sharing and spreading the word. And for all those still wondering, we’re still waiting on a movie deal, but there are irons in the fires, so please say a prayer!

SO HAPPY TOGETHER is finished and will be coming July 7, 2009! We are playing the cover game again. I’ve seen two, which are both just beautiful, but not quite right. The early feedback on SO HAPPY TOGETHER is absolutely astounding to me. Very soon I’ll be posting a summary and the final cover, so check back.

Perhaps the most exciting of all, for me anyway, is that I’ve put my ideas together for BOOK 3! I’ll be sharing the title with you as soon as the ink is dry on the contract, but I have to say, I just LOVE THE TITLE AND THE STORY!

For those of you who are counting down to Christmas and Hannukah, a personalized book is always a special gift. You can order a signed, personalized copy of THE RICHEST SEASON, through Clinton Book Shop at 908-735-8811. Just let them know what you’d like inscribed.

The first week of December I’m going to be featured on 5 radio stations (including NPR) in Boston, Cape Cod, and the islands! Check out the EVENTS page for the details and links if you’d like to listen.

All my best,