The Cemetery Keeper’s Wife

My Dear Readers,

The Cemetery Keeper’s Wife is coming May 2018!

This has been my longest and most challenging work to date, but I hope you will feel it’s been worth the wait. It’s an historical novel, one which I believe I was meant to write.

The Cemetery Keeper’s Wife tells two parallel stories going back and forth in time. When Rachel Miller moves into Union Cemetery in Hackettstown, New Jersey, with her new husband, Adam, she discovers a stunning monument to a girl named Tillie Smith, who died in 1886. The beautiful marble monument is unlike any other, and the inscription makes her pause: She died in defence (sic) of her honor; Erected by an appreciative public.

Rachel’s curiosity turns into an obsession. But she has no idea that her quest to discover the truth about Tillie’s life, and brutal death, will open the door to secrets she herself has been hiding. And that it will bring her face to face with the man responsible for them. But worst of all, she may lose Adam in the process, and the normal life she’s always yearned for.

Tillie Smith really lived, right here in my own hometown. She died in 1886, brutally murdered and raped on the campus of Centenary Collegiate Institute, a Methodist Seminary that is now Centenary University. The case and the trial were akin to the OJ Simpson trial in our modern era. It ignited a tide of outrage and sympathy across our nation for this poor working girl who “chose death over dishonor.” But sadly, Tillie Smith became little more than a footnote in the story of her death.

I discovered Tillie’s monument as a little girl. I was not sure what those words meant, but I was captivated by them, and her. And then, years later during my real estate career, I happened to sell the house of the man who was convicted for the crime and sentenced to hang. Yet there in the dining room was a picture of him looking like a sweet old man in his nineties. Over the years, the coincidences continued, fueling my desire to tell Tillie’s story, one I’ll be soon sharing with you.

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All my best wishes!