The Book Lover

Dear Readers & Friends,

THE BOOK LOVER, my much anticipated 3rd novel, was released on May 1, 2012. It’s was selected as an INDIE NEXT PICK, which are the American Booksellers Association’s “must reads!”

Published MAY 1, 2012

The inner sanctum of the book world is everything you would hope it could be: filled with passion, dreams, struggles, love and betrayal. It has all the makings of a riveting novel, and now it is! THE BOOK LOVER is unlike anything you’ve read before. A full summary is below.
In addition, I’m launching a new venture—I’m officially a Writing Coach. If you’re a writer navigating the tricky terrain of the publishing world, whether going it alone self-publishing, using an indie press, or even debuting with a major publisher, I can guide you through the process and help you launch your book.
Those of you who have been here before know that I am a writer who refused to give up on her dream. After 5 years of rejection, I originally self-published THE RICHEST SEASON in 2006. Within 6 months it sold so many copies and garnered such great reviews that I signed with a top literary agent who sold it at auction to Hyperion Books, as well as my second novel, SO HAPPY TOGETHER. Both are INDIE NEXT PICKS and have been translated into multiple languages.
I’m no stranger to uphill battles and persevering when you believe strongly in something. My new challenge is to make THE BOOK LOVER my bestselling novel to date.
For all of you who have spread the word about my novels, thank you! But keep talking, to friends, book clubs, and booksellers who may not have read my novels yet. After all, a writer’s most cherished dream is simply to be read.


All my best wishes!