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Maryann McFadden

Maryann McFadden

I am an author who refused to give up on my dream! I am now published in multiple countries and an

2 days ago

Maryann McFadden
So… I think I wrote the ending to book 6. I’m pretty sure I love it. That said, now I need my small core of readers to go through it and tell me what they think. Then I will go back make changes, edit, polish, and adding a little bit more of the research I will continue to do. This book is set on Pawleys Island once again, and may be the beginning of a series. That was my daughters suggestion this morning when I told her about the ending. I hadn’t even realized or seen that potential. I can’t wait to tell you more! PS this is my view when I sit outside and write in my garden, my happy place, my favorite place to write, that is besides Pawleys Island. And simply a coincidence, my main character is named Iris.  See MoreSee Less
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