The Book Lover

by Maryann McFadden

I am thrilled to celebrate the 10th Anniversary release of THE BOOK LOVER with this gorgeous new cover and a new

Author’s Note about the changing book world!

In THE BOOK LOVER, a charming bookshop in the village of Warwick, New York, the best stories may not be in the pages of its books, but in the lives of the people who walk through its doors.

Owner Ruth Hardaway has been handselling books in her store, The Book Lover, for years. Her gift isn’t just finding the right books for her quirky cast of patrons, it’s also helping them to navigate the unexpected chapters in their own lives. When author Lucy Barrett lands on her doorstep for a book signing, only to collapse in a meltdown, Ruth is about to become a heroine in a story she never could have imagined. As for Lucy, who’s left a terrible betrayal behind, she’s about to encounter a plot twist she couldn’t have written when Ruth’s son, a disabled vet who rescues injured raptors, causes her to question everything she thought she wanted.

“Maryann McFadden takes you into the hearts and souls of two ordinary women, a writer and a bookseller, who find the courage to pursue their dreams, and the men they love. The Book Lover is unforgettable.” —Dorothea Benton Frank, NY Times Bestselling Author

“Heartfelt and richly woven, Maryann McFadden’s latest tells the story of love lost – and found again in an unexpected place. It’s a valentine to book lovers.” —Sarah Pekkanen, NY Times Bestselling Author

“Oh, what a feast for book lovers! McFadden mines bookstores, writers’ lives, publishing, and the rocky terrain of the human heart with equal grace and aplomb. The Book Lover is wise, knowing, and totally wonderful.” —Caroline Leavitt, NY Times Bestselling Author

The Book Lover is the name of a charming book shop which acts as one of the main characters in this story of broken marriages, secrets, friendships and little white lies. The well developed characters and subject will make this a sure selection for book clubs.” —Elizabeth Merritt, Titcomb’s Books, Cape Cod

The Book Lover takes you into the heart and soul of the book world, with characters you will come to love. The most honest story about the world of books I’ve read yet.” —Rob Dougherty, Clinton Book Shop, NJ

The Book Lover is a Staff Recommended Summer Read, Breakwater Books, Guilford CT: “This is a story of a friendship between a bookseller and a writer. Ruth owns and operates The Book Lover, and Lucy is a first-time author struggling to publish her first book. Both women have suffered loss and betrayal and manage, over the course of the novel, to come to terms with the choices they made.”

“A compelling story of love, loss and survival.” —Tom Warner, Litchfield Books SC

“Book lovers everywhere will love this story!” —Beth Carpenter, The Country Bookshop NC

“I’ve always found some character or situation in Maryann McFadden’s books that reminds me of me and mine – this time she even nails my life as a bookseller!” —Betsy Rider, Otto’s Books PA